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Natalie's passion for storytelling started in advertising where her love of pitching creative work eventually led her to tell her own stories.

Anchored in her half-Japanese and half-English heritage, Natalie's work is a melange of western and eastern values, entwined to create unique and fantastical worlds. 

Her favourite film makers are David Lynch, Charlie Kaufman, Christopher Nolan and The Duffer Brothers. 




Qualia (2019) feature film script

Official Selection - UK Film Festival 2023

Official Selection - Berlin International Screenwriting Festival 2023

Official Selection - Paris Awards Film Festival 2023

Official Selection - Oxford Script Awards 2023

Official Selection - Skyline Indie Film Festival 2020

Official Selection and awarded 'Gold List' - British Independent Film Festival 2020

Semi-finalist - Austin Screenplay Awards 2020

Quarter finalist - Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship 2020

Quarter finalist - Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards 2019

Hunted (2010), short film, 10’ 14’’, dir: G. Isas

Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner 2010

The Crossroads (2010), play, 5’, dir: N Fellowes

Lost Theatre, London 2010

Tall Order (2009), short film script

Top 10 – Champion Screenwriting Competition 2009

Destiny N.A.(2008), feature film script

Finalist (top 3 in Sci-Fi) – Exposurama Screenwriting Competition 2009 

Finalist - London Independent Film Festival Screenwriting Competition 2008

Top 5% - Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting 2008 

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