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Tied to a chair in a remote cabin, George finds himself face-to-face with a distant past. His captor, Maritza - the girl he seduced when she was only thirteen, has hunted him down to set the dark past to light.

Featuring Vincent Riotta (Under the Tuscan Sun) and Marem Hassler (Duo). 

Screened at Cannes Short Film Corner 2010.


A story of a woman, tasked by the Commander to help those in need, before they take the wrong path in life. 


Horror. A group of teenagers are hell bent on seeing the Audio Attics, a band with a difference. Height restrictions threaten to quash their determination but they adjust it using brutal means in order to reach their salvation. 


Sci-fi thriller. Saskia's mission is to find a replacement body for her dying husband, Abe so that he can live forever. She meets the perfect guy, Nathan and must make him fall in love with her for the transference to work. A dilemma unfolds as Saskia starts developing feelings for Nathan and she has to choose which one to save.

Feature length script.


In development.

Two strangers are brought together by having the same dream of a murder. However due to the subjective nature of life (AKA qualia) conflict ensues and threatens to tear their lives apart.

Feature length script.


Mystery. Two people meet from opposing but parallel worlds. A connection develops but they discover that they can only be together when they both feel dissatisfaction at the same time. As feelings for one another grow and their attitudes to life brightens, they realize that they are never destined to be one. A bittersweet irony of life.

Always the quiet ones
Terminal Dissatisfaction
Tall Order
Destiny N/A
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