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"One of Quillkicker’s great qualities is that it translates imaginative but relatable dilemmas (whether current or futuristic) into incredibly believable, thought provoking pieces of writing. The added draw of inviting you, the reader, to have a say in the destiny of the characters makes the stories even more engaging. Knowing when the next instalment is going to ‘drop’ really gives me something to look forward to, never more than during lockdown, and I often find myself thinking about the stories during the week, wondering how other readers voted. If you’re someone who finds dipping in and out of a book means that you’re habitually re-reading a few pages to recap, then Quill Kickers perfectly bridges the literary and practicality gap between novel and a conventional short story.  There’s yet to be a plot line that hasn’t left me wanting more!"

Kerry - Cirencester, UK

"There is nothing so innate to the human experience as storytelling. For thousands of years our ancestors have gathered around hearths to share, weave and shape stories, legends and myths together.  Quill Kickers propels this ancient art into the modern era, taking on provocative and relevant themes, with inspirational and imaginative interpretations. As participants, we get a rare chance to feed into the creative process, whilst sitting back and enjoying the clever unfolding of the narrative.  If you crave community and collaboration in the time it takes to enjoy a cuppa, check out Quill Kickers"

Nejwa - Marlow, UK