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Quill Kickers

Terms & Conditions

Thanks very much for your interest in my idea, Quill Kickers.

I’m really looking forward to weaving your ideas, comments and suggestions (referred to below as “Submissions”) into my stories. I very much hope you’ll enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy creating and writing them for you! I welcome all your Submissions. Please submit them by posting or direct messaging to my Instagram account [@QuillKickers]. 

OK, now the lawyers’ stuff. Please take a minute to read this as, by making your Submissions, you agree and/or promise that:

1.    Your Submissions are not defamatory. They do not (to the best of your knowledge) infringe any rights (including the copyright) belonging to anyone else. You are entitled to enter into these terms and to grant the rights in the Submissions set out in these legally binding terms.

2.    You acknowledge that I can’t use all Submissions and you agree that I may edit or adapt them without your consent.    

3.    If I do use your Submissions, then in return, you freely, irrevocably and exclusively assign to me (on a royalty-free and paid-up basis) all rights (including all the copyright) you have in your Submissions, throughout the world and in perpetuity. If, for whatever reason, any of those rights (including the copyright) can’t be assigned in any part of the world to me then you grant to me (on a royalty-free and paid-up basis) an exclusive worldwide licence to those rights in perpetuity. 

4.    You waive all of the so-called “moral rights” in your Submissions and, if those “moral rights” can’t be waived anywhere in the world, you agree not to enforce them (nor any other rights in the Submissions which you may have in the Submissions) against me or any party authorised by me to use them.

5.    Accordingly, I own all rights (including the copyright) throughout the world in my stories including, if I use them in any way in my stories, all the Submissions. I may freely assign, licence and/or otherwise transfer the rights to them to any third party without your consent or payment to you.

6.    These legally binding terms set out the entire agreement between us about your Submissions and your participation in Quill Kickers generally. Neither of us has any obligation to vary these terms but, if we do, it will only be effective if it’s agreed in writing by both of us. You agree to promptly execute such documents and perform such acts as may reasonably be required for the purpose of giving full effect to these legally binding terms.

7.    These legally binding terms, and your participation in Quill Kickers generally, is subject to English law and the English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction about any dispute about them. 

8.    Last but not least: please do not make any Submission if you do not understand all of these legally binding terms or if you disagree with any of them. I will be relying on them to use your Submissions and it will not be possible for you to retract or vary your agreement to these legally binding terms after your Submission is made.

Thank you again, 


Quill Kickers, London, 2020.

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