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Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Q: What if you could pause time?

This story came to life as a song - a musical collaboration between Quill Kickers and singer-songwriter CHIRPY. In weeks two and three, the song evolved to tell the complete story.

Read the lyrics and listen to the song below...

Chapter one: Stay

Pausing time, tell me I control the outcome

A holding space just for me to work it out

Summers and winters and beaches and forests and

Everything stays the same holding it for us and

My love and me we can freeze time together so our love will stay the same in every weather

Stay With Me, Please won’t you, Stay With Me

Stay With Me, Please won’t you, Stay With Me

Pausing time, I thought my Love would pause it with me

What a fool, to think you loved me like you said

Now I am stuck in this prison without you

How can I teach you to love me like I love you

Pausing, resuming and changing moves that I made

What can I do tell me now just to make you

Stay With Me, To make you, Stay With Me

Just to make you, Stay With Me, To make you, Stay With Me

Chapter two: Safe addiction

We always want what we can’t have

Till we reach that hopeless side

I know you’re bad for me but I

Can never really seem to hide

You find me everywhere I go

A safe addiction that I know, know

Chapter three: Pause

Pausing time I wish that I could know the outcome

To know that I would make it through on my own

Take me to that place where love is forever and

I’m not afraid to be lonely or a dreamer

A place where I'm happy and love is for growing and feelings matter and I can be free

Stay with me (to make you)

Stay with me (just to make you)

Stay with me (to make you)

Stay with me (why should I make you)

Stay with me (I don’t need you to)

Stay with me (I don’t need you to)

Stay with me (I don’t want you to)

Stay with me

'Pause' is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and all other music platforms.

More about CHIRPY:

Rebecca Shannon - better known as CHIRPY - is an Irish singer-songwriter and producer from Dublin, Ireland. She self-released a 6 track demo EP in June 2017 called 'Real Life' which shot straight to the number 1 position on the Irish iTunes album download charts. Her debut album was then released mid-2018 to widespread critical acclaim both in Ireland and the UK premiering on Clash Magazine:

In turns soothing yet devastatingly emotional - Clash Magazine

An assured debut - The Irish Times

It's a track that's all too easy to get lost in (Breathe) - Nialler9

She grew up in Dublin, Ireland and began singing with the Irish choral ensemble Anúna upon finishing school at the age of 18. She toured most of the world with the group singing in the choral line-up and featuring as a soloist, before setting off on her own as CHIRPY.


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