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Updated: Jan 6

[TV pilot]

‘God helps those who help themselves.’ (Benjamin Franklin). For everyone else there’s Vent.

TV series based on addictions, revelations and absolutions.

Have you ever had a wayward friend in need and you didn’t know how to help them?

Thank goodness for Vent, a new interventions company in angst-overdrive LA.

CASSIE, a psychotherapist, ART, a psychiatrist and JASMINE, a spiritual healer have joined forces to create an interventions company to help friends and families deal with their love ones’ addictions, and compel the addicted to get help.

Each episode is a different case. However the main focus is on our protagonists and the triumvirate tensions based on their differing therapeutic disciplines. Their skills range from the rational Freudian to the unexplainable paranormal.


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